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India fielded a large number of new early-warning aircraft known as Air Force

International military popular phrase: "If a country has a RS Gold  good early warning, surveillance, intelligence gathering capabilities, even if only the opponent's half of the number of fighters, too, can win the war." Increasingly emphasized in the "information-led" air combat environment. , who has better performance of the AWACS, who will be able to grasp the initiative on the battlefield. According to U.S. military statistics, an early warning target detection capability equivalent to dozens of ground radar stations, and faster response.

India wanted to be a military power naturally understand the importance of early warning aircraft, the Indian Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) as early as the 1980s to start code-named "guardian" of the domestic AWACS research project. However, due to poor technology infrastructure and bureaucratic "blind" research team chose the old HS-748 transport aircraft as a carrying platform, the results of flight when the crash, which killed most of the engineers responsible for research and development, project no results the end. In 2002, Runescape Gold  under the auspices of the United States, India, Israel introduced A-50EI AWACS, also DRDO in the development of airborne early warning radar in progress, India's desire to develop early-warning aircraft made up again eagerly.

In October 2004, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh safety committee under the leadership of a $ 1.8 billion rupees on the restart AWACS project to reach a consensus. To avoid repeating the "guardian" in the past, DRDO decided to cooperate with Embraer, the use of which mature EMB-145 regional jet aircraft as a platform, installation DRDO-made airborne early warning radar, as "India's eye" . According to the original plan, which was named "EMB-145I" early-warning aircraft to be delivered in December 2007, the Indian military, but procrastination into the very nature of India's defense system "to force" until November 2010 only then radar electronic systems to Brazil for the Brazilian to integrate into the aircraft platform, and the entire project is estimated to enter the production phase was delayed until April 2014.


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