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British man beach stone pyramid to show the beauty of balance

The famous British comedy group Monty Python team (Monty Python) has written a small work, called "heap thing Association." The purpose of this little work is to illustrate that people can indulge in meaningless things to do and to what extent. The short, Gray's unique skills is almost "heap thing." Him to do basically the same thing to another thing on top of the heap to go - a big rock pile the other a big rock. After he was photographed, and then he sold the pictures to make money. What could be more boring things?

But things are strange aspect is: this is not boring. He piled out of the stone work, simply, people breathless, breathtaking.

In these photos, the superposition of two large stones, it looks like hanging in the air, it seems impossible to fall off. You will feel something is not in support of it? Otherwise, it must be the laws of physics no longer apply. But these photos are true: There is no rod, no special magnetic field, not computer graphics. He used the only glue that Earth's gravity. Gray carefully try to figure out the location of each center of gravity of a rock, and carefully put the barrier. This requires high skill and great patience. Would like more specific understanding of Gray's works, imagine a wardrobe as long as only one of its legs erected, and then placed a large stone on top. Think of how much skill and patience.


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