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U.S. Women's strange letter interpretation of the legendary death harvest of love

Cell within the United States Little Rock, Arkansas,DeathDamien Echols received an unexpected letter. Postmark: Brooklyn, New York, the sender: Lori Davis. In 1996, the day that fate, Eccles open letter to this stranger, did not expect from the harvest of love, is also out after 15 years on death row, freed.

"Damian, I do not believe in God, but can not see the power of your life into me, though I fear, but I know this is a good thing," Davis Department Mingluo Li strangeWomanWrote in the letter.

Davis saw the documentary "Paradise Lost" after that Eccles. This documentary about the year in Arkansas of a real case of West Bengal Griffith. Three second-grade boy died at a local park. They tied the limbs, body naked bodies were found in a gutter, who over the strange wounds and marks. Police suspect that this is a sadistic cult groups should do.


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